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Why Does My iPhone Say SOS


Why does my iPhone say SOS? If you’ve ever found yourself asking this, you’re not alone. This guide will walk you through understanding and dealing with the SOS signal on your iPhone.

Possible Reasons for SOS Signal

When your iPhone displays the SOS signal, panic might set in. However, several reasons can cause this, such as accidental pressing of buttons, a faulty SIM card, or an emergency feature triggering the signal due to specific movements or actions.

Checking SOS Settings on iPhone

It’s crucial to review your iPhone’s settings to ensure the SOS feature is configured correctly. Verify that Auto Call is disabled if you don’t want your iPhone to automatically make a call after pressing the Sleep/Wake button multiple times rapidly.

Actions to Take when SOS is Triggered

When the SOS feature activates, remain calm. If it was accidental, dismiss the call and check to see if emergency services have been contacted. Follow up with your emergency contacts to avoid unnecessary concerns.

Seeking Assistance regarding SOS Signal

If you continue to experience the SOS signal issue on your iPhone, reach out to Apple Support for further guidance. They can provide solutions based on your specific situation and diagnose any potential hardware or software problems.


In conclusion, understanding why your iPhone says SOS is essential for efficiently managing emergency situations and preventing unnecessary calls to emergency services. By familiarizing yourself with the possible causes and appropriate actions, you can handle the SOS signal confidently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I disable the SOS feature on my iPhone?

A: To disable the SOS feature on your iPhone, go to Settings, choose Emergency SOS, and turn off the Auto Call option.

Q: Can the SOS feature be triggered accidentally?

A: Yes, the SOS feature can be accidentally activated by pressing the Sleep/Wake button multiple times quickly.

Q: What happens if I accidentally trigger the SOS feature?

A: If you accidentally trigger the SOS feature, dismiss the call when prompted and ensure to contact your emergency contacts to explain the situation.

Q: Will emergency services be automatically contacted when SOS is triggered?

A: If Auto Call is enabled, emergency services will be automatically contacted after the SOS signal is activated. It’s important to configure this setting according to your preferences.

Q: How can Apple Support assist if I face issues with the SOS signal?

A: Apple Support can provide troubleshooting steps, diagnose possible problems with your iPhone, and guide you on resolving any SOS signal-related concerns.

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