Why is Twitch Shutting Down in Korea

Why is Twitch Shutting Down in Korea | ChatUp Guide

Why is Twitch Shutting Down in Korea: Curious about why Twitch is shutting down in Korea? Dive in to uncover the details.

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The sudden news of Twitch shutting down in Korea has left many in shock. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this decision and its implications on the gaming community in Korea.

Reasons for Shutdown

Several factors have led to Twitch’s decision to shut down its services in Korea. Issues range from regulatory challenges to fierce competition in the streaming market.

Impact on Users

With Twitch no longer available in Korea, gamers and streamers are faced with finding new platforms to engage with their audience. The void left by Twitch will significantly impact the online gaming community.

Alternatives for Korean Users

Korean users are now exploring alternative streaming platforms to fill the gap left by Twitch. Platforms like YouTube Gaming and AfreecaTV are emerging as popular choices for Korean gamers.

Twitch’s Response

Despite the shutdown in Korea, Twitch continues to expand its global reach. The company’s response to the Korean market closure sheds light on its strategic vision and future plans for expansion.


In conclusion, the closure of Twitch in Korea marks a significant shift in the streaming landscape. Understanding the reasons behind this decision is crucial in comprehending the evolving dynamics of the gaming industry.


Q: Is Twitch permanently shutting down in Korea?
A: Yes, Twitch has made the decision to permanently shut down its services in Korea.

Q: Will Korean streamers lose their content?
A: Korean streamers are advised to back up their content as Twitch shuts down in Korea.

Q: Are there plans for Twitch to re-enter the Korean market?
A: Twitch has not disclosed any plans for re-entering the Korean market at this time.

Q: How are users reacting to Twitch’s shutdown in Korea?
A: User reactions to the shutdown vary, with many expressing disappointment and seeking new platforms.

Q: Where can Korean users find support during this transition period?
A: Korean users can reach out to Twitch’s customer support for assistance during the transition.

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