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Discover the best Ismartta Face Swap Video & Photo tool with free unlimited swaps and no restrictions. Start creating amazing face swaps today!

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Free Photo Face Swap

Experience the best Ismartta Face Swap Video & Photo tool to swap faces in photos for free. Whether you want to swap faces with celebrities or create funny photos with friends, Ismartta offers the best free face swap options.

Free Video Face Swap

Swap faces in any video you like with Ismartta’s free and easy-to-use AI face swap tool. Enjoy creating hilarious or impressive videos with seamless face swapping technology. Get started with free video face swap now.

Free Multiple Face Swap

Swap multiple faces in a single photo or video effortlessly. With Ismartta Face Swap Video & Photo, you can create complex face swaps involving multiple people in your images or videos. Try the free multiple face swap feature today!

Explore a variety of trending face swap templates from our library to create engaging content for any occasion. Whether it’s a meme, a funny photo, or a creative video, Ismartta has the perfect template for you.

Photo Face Swap

Transform your photos with the best face swap technology. Swap faces in family photos, selfies, or any other image you want to edit.

Video Face Swap

Use Ismartta’s advanced AI to swap faces in videos. Make your own films, funny clips, or professional content with our video face swap tool.


Create sexy face swaps effortlessly. Visualize yourself or anyone else in various sexy scenarios using Ismartta’s AI technology.


Swap faces in runway videos and photos. Turn your face into a supermodel’s body with Ismartta Face Swap Video & Photo.


See how you or your friends look in bikinis with our bikini face swap feature. Ismartta makes it fun and easy.


Become a celebrity with Ismartta’s AI face swap. Swap your face with famous stars and create viral content.


Recreate funny GIFs with Ismartta’s GIF face swap feature. Make your friends laugh with hilarious GIFs that you can easily share.


Turn yourself into a Disney character with Ismartta’s Disney face swap. Create magical moments and share them with your loved ones.


Swap faces in dance videos and see yourself grooving to the latest hits. Ismartta makes it fun and exciting.


Transform into a Barbie doll with Ismartta’s face swap. Create stunning Barbie-themed photos and videos.

How to Face Swap Video or Photo Online Free

Replacing faces in videos or photos is simple with Ismartta. Follow these steps to get started:

How to Face Swap Video or Photo Online Free – Step 1

Upload the original photo or video clip that contains the face(s) you want to change.

How to Face Swap Video or Photo Online Free – Step 2

Upload the target face(s) that you want to swap in the original file.

How to Face Swap Video or Photo Online Free – Step 3

Click “Swap Face Now” to preview and download your face-swapped video/photo.

Expand Your Creativity with Industry-Leading Face Swap

Ismartta’s AI face swap elevates your experience to change faces in videos and photos across a wide range of themes, from NSFW to superhero. Get inspired with the best face swap AI tool and create content that amazes your audiences. Explore more AI face swap options such as miocreate face swap and artguru face swap to enhance your creative projects.

Video Face Swap

Face swap in a movie, TV show, anime or video clip to make your own film. Bring all possibilities into a reality by transforming yourself and anyone else into an erotic star, a superhero, your favorite character etc., in the footage. Try other popular tools like vidnoz face swap and face swap pictures for even more creative possibilities.

GIF Face Swap

The trend of GIF memes, the mainstream form of digital expression, has never faded away over the internet. GIF face swap introduces a humorous way to re-create funny GIFs to excite your friends and spice up the chat. Check out deepfake face swap and deepfake technologies for even more advanced face swapping capabilities.

Sexy Face Swap

Face swap makes everyone to be a sexy icon. No need to think how do you look like in bikini or sexy clothing, iSmartta can visualize your imagination with endless virtual try-ons and help you make deepfake of celebrities, online influencers and more. Explore other tools like remaker ai face swap and disney face swap for unique face swapping experiences.

Celebrity Face Swap

You can be a Hollywood star, an artist, or any famous person you want to be by putting your face into celebrity photos. Besides, swapping faces of two celebrities probably helps you boost engagement on social media. Try the fotor face swap and animal face swap features for even more fun and engaging content creation.

Gender Face Swap

Gender swap entertains people in many aspects. Change your gender from male to female or vice versa to create twin effect, re-image yourself or celebrities in other gender and so on. Discover more options like face swap porn and face swap tool to explore different face swapping possibilities.

Experience the Best AI Face Swap Online Free

iSmartta designs the most advanced AI face swap for video and photo. It is packed with an array of AI features to create seamless face swaps online free. Enjoy the best face swap experience with no sign up, no restrictions, unlimited, free and unblocked access.


Generate perfect face swaps in videos and photos. The appearance is realistic and natural, no manual adjustment.


Create video and photo face swaps without compromising quality. Upload images and let iSmartta deliver studio-quality results.


Enjoy a super fast face swap in seconds. All the workflow from uploading to generation can be completed online instantly.

Free & Easy to Use

iSmartta is an online free AI face swap tool that has an intuitive interface. It is easy to use and access from browser, no editing skills needed.

Private & Secure

Any AI-generated face swaps and uploaded files are only visible to you, not stored and shared. Your privacy is strictly protected.

Why People Love iSmartta Face Swap

“I love iSmartta! The face swap platform is super easy to navigate and the technology is really impressive. It brings me so much fun and the results are always hilarious.” – Matthew

“iSmartta has crazy good facial recognition technology. It can detect even the smallest details in your face, so the swaps look super realistic. You can swap your face with anyone you want, even celebrities and historical figures.” – Aryan

“This face swap tool is clean and simple. You just gotta pick a photo, choose the faces you wanna swap, and boom! Get yourself a hilarious new pic to share with your homies.” – Derek

“Solid face swapping platform with a lot of value for free users.” – Steve

“iSmartta really excites me. I have used the AI face swap tool to create many funny videos and memes. It offers accurate and high quality face swapping results. You should definitely check it out.” – Melynda

“iSmartta offers smooth face swapping and unshakable dependability no matter how you look at it.” – Lauren


Is it free to swap faces online?

Absolutely yes. iSmartta is a totally free AI face swap platform. You can replace faces in videos, photos at no cost.

Is it safe to swap faces online?

It鈥檚 safe. iSmartta is a 100% secure face swap online platform with no malware and ads. And, the original, target files and face swapping results will never be preserved and leaked. Your privacy can be well protected.

Can you face swap in any video or image?

Any video or image with a face can be the original source. After uploading the original and target face, iSmartta empowers you to replace face with no limitation.

What type of file format does iSmartta face swap support?

iSmartta supports the mainstream photo and video formats.

  • Photo: JPG, PNG, WebM
  • Video: MP4, MOV, M4V, WebM

How to achieve the best face swapping result?

Although iSmartta is able to deliver possible highest quality results, there are some tips helping you get a perfect face swap.

  • Upload photos or videos with clear facial features. Front face image is the best.
  • Upload clear photos or videos, no blurry or mosaic.

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